Intercom Security Systems

Intercom systems are a good security measure for nearly any commercial business, and they are especially necessary for schools, hospitals, and government buildings.  Take a look at how an intercom system can benefit your organization and keep your building safe from intruders.  ASI has expertise in Intercom System installations using Aiphone and Commend.

Deter Crime

Intercom systems can deter potential illegal activity by alerting intruders that they must identify themselves before entering your building.  Additionally, your building will always be protected from potential vandals and thieves who may have the intention of committing a crime in the future.

Identify Restricted Access Points

Intercoms are a good way to identify access points of your building that are restricted.  Many organizations use them as a way for visitors to announce their presence and request to meet with someone specific.  They may also be implemented into elevators, which will stay grounded until special permission is given to those identifying themselves.