Our Services

Customer Training Services

  • Continuing customer training for installed systems, both past and present.
  • Training which is available at the project site, or at our El Dorado Hills, CA office.
  • Custom training courses, developed to support unique project and customer requirements.
  • Courses offered by select product vendors such as Hirsch and Pelco.

Design and Implementation Services

  • Consulting
  • Code Compliance
  • System Design
  • Drawings & Submittals
  • Dressout & Final Connection
  • Low Voltage Specialty Turn-key Installation
  • System integration and integration to other building systems
  • Customer Training
  • Service & Maintenance

Warranty Service and Repair

In the rare case of equipment failure, ASI’s warranty and repair service provides the labor and material necessary to repair our installed equipment.  This comprehensive service is handled by highly trained team members twenty-four hours a day and is managed real time through tracking software.

Testing and Maintenance

Consistent testing and maintenance will maintain the reliability of installed systems.  ASI stresses the importance of routine testing and maintenance of security systems and associated controls in order to minimize risk, limit losses, and maximize safety.  Security, access control, and video surveillance systems should also receive routine maintenance to reduce downtime and emergency repair costs.